Great Teaching Starts with a Strong Foundation: Online Training for Gifted Teachers

Great Teaching Starts with a Strong Foundation: Online Training for Gifted Teachers “Start from the very beginning,” by offering gifted teachers the best training available! One of my favorite aunts passed away a few years ago. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss her and wish she was still around. As a first grade teacher of 30 years, she loved to talk about all the things that are right and wrong with education today. I picked up many life lessons from her: How to keep my seat in the seat That a word to the wise is sufficient How to ar-tic-u-late my words (she’d emphasis in staccato) But one of the things I will miss most are her show tunes. I was in the second grade when she taught me one of her favorites, Do-Re-Mi from Sound of Music. “Start from the very beginning; it’s the very best [...]

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We are Living in a Technological World: Using Technology to Differentiate Gifted Students

We are Living in a Technological World Using Technology to Differentiate Gifted Students In 1985 Madonna boldly sang that we were “living in a material world”. So much has changed in 30 years. Yes, as Americans we still love our stuff, but the one characteristic that defines this generation isn’t materialism it’s technology. If I’m being honest, I never feel older than I do when I’m learning something new on my phone. No, that’s not me in that photo, but I will confess that I definitely didn’t enter the world at the height of the technological age like so many of our gifted students. Students today were practically born with a smartphone in their hand. Most children learn to surf the web younger than I learned to ride a bike! It can be downright intimidating to start using technology to differentiate for gifted students, when many of our student know [...]

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Tech Tools for Savvy Teacher

60 Tech Tools Gifted Teachers are Going to Love I love to read! There’s nothing like cracking the spine on a new book, the excitement of turning a page, or closing the cover when I’ve finally reached the end. Photo courtesy of Flickr by Brad Flickinger I love the feeling of a book in my hands but lets be real, just like everything else, technology is rapidly replacing printed books with ebooks. Technology today is growing at an unimaginably fast rate. While I may not be ready to abandon my traditional books, I can’t avoid the important role technology plays in society, especially in our classrooms. In this review of “60 Tech Tools in 60 Minutes,” Brian Housand, Ph.D., will help bring your technology toolbox up to speed by categorizing and reviewing resources designed to promote creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and productivity in you and your G/T students. [...]

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