Improving Verbal Skills for Children from Low S.E.S. Backgrounds

Improving Verbal skills: Bridging the Verbal Gap Finding the Right Words Blind and deaf since the age of 19 months, Helen Keller grew up and became the first deafblind woman to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree. Although she had already begun communicating with her family with simple signs by age seven, she was only able to share her brilliant mind and heart because of the help of a tutor and lifelong friend, Ann Sullivan. Ann gave Helen the gift of words and helped her connect those words to the meaning in her world. As a result of their courage and perseverance, Helen went on to become a lecturer, women’s rights activist, and author. Most of us may not have the opportunity to be a part of a story as incredible as Helen Keller’s. However, working with students from low socioeconomic populations, we have a similar opportunity to bridge a [...]

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Gifted Introverts: The Quiet Contradiction

Gifted Introverts: The Quiet Contradiction Inviting the Wallflower to Bloom If I had a nickel for every time a grown-up told young me to smile more, or asked me why I was so quiet, or if I was sad, well, I would have had enough money to wall them all out and be pleasantly alone with my thoughts! Gifted introverts are a misunderstood breed, especially in the school years. Adults are much more comfortable watching a group of students run and shout at recess than seeing one student sit quiet and alone beside a tree. In her 1-hour course, “Introverts: The Quiet Gifted,” Theresa Biggs, M.Ed., reveals the inner workings and needs of gifted introverts. Ms. Biggs is the Coordinator of Advanced Academics for Plano ISD. She has a passion for learning and serving the gifted community with a special interest in the English classroom. Check out this course sample, [...]

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Psychomotor overexcitability: Life as an Exclamation Mark in a World of Periods

Psychomotor overexcitability: Life as an Exclamation Mark in a World of Periods Don’t Say “Use Your Indoor Voice” Motormouth. Chatterbox. Hyper. Loud. Labels like these can lock people into uncomfortable and insecure relationships to the world, particularly when they overlook the real reason a gifted student can’t stop moving and talking: a psychomotor overexcitability. In her 1-hour course, “Don’t Say ‘Use Your Indoor Voice,’” Sarah Wiseman, M.Ed., who herself has a psychomotor overexcitability, reveals the strengths and needs of the gifted students who seem to have boundless energy. Ms. Wiseman teaches G/T Integrated Language Arts in Frisco ISD. She also writes curriculum and presents professional development for G/T and social studies. Check out this course sample, or read more below: The Tortoise and the Hare In her course, Ms. Wiseman likens life with a psychomotor overexcitability to being a hare among tortoises. The need for stimulation is stronger than it [...]

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Helping Underrepresented Students Overcome Failure with Self-Regulation

Helping Underrepresented Students Overcome Failure with Self-Regulation One of my favorite “failure stories” is that of Michael Jordan. The boy who never made his high school basketball team went on to become one of the most recognized and accomplished athletes of the sport. He is the first to admit that he had to endure failure in order to get to where he is now. We have all hit a wall at one point or another. The times when the going gets tough or we face failure are the times we are required to dig deep and find a way to move past those challenges and keep going. Gifted students, who find many learning tasks come easily, often struggle to move past moments of difficulty or failure. Yet most of them have the skills and resources available to them within their sphere of life to conquer failure. This is the essence [...]

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Motivating the Gifted Underachiever

Motivating the Gifted Underachiever What to Do When Potential Gets Sidetracked Watching a monarch butterfly unfurl its iconic rust and black wings is a surprisingly profound experience. But, the moment shifts abruptly when it becomes clear that something went wrong early on. The wings are stunted; this stunning creature is not destined to make the epic monarch migration. A similar tragedy can happen when a gifted student faces insecurity, hurt, or isolation. Where there is potential for a great unfurling of talent and ability, we are surprised to find a stunted, gifted underachiever. How do you identify when a gifted student isn’t meeting his/her potential? What can you do to give them confidence in their exceptional talents and abilities? In the 1-hour course, “Motivating the Gifted Underachiever,” Lori Comallie-Caplan explains the common elements that turn a gifted student into a gifted underachiever, and what you can do to motivate them [...]

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Assessing Gifted Strategies: An Administrator’s Guide

Assessing Gifted Strategies: An Administrator’s Guide It’s Not Easy Being Dean...or Principal “There are two kinds of weakness, that which breaks and that which bends.” -James Russell Lowell It takes a special person to thrive in an administrative role. Not only does a school administrator have to make weighted decisions and mindful evaluations of their programs, they also have to consider the dynamic assortment of human hearts behind and in front of those programs. How do you uphold high standards, while also keeping an amicable dialogue open with teachers? Are you assessing gifted strategies in a way that tells the whole story about their effectiveness? In her 1-hour course, “Assessing GT Strategies: An Administrator’s Guide,” trainer Lisa Van Gemert assists administrators in the fine art of assessing gifted strategies, so they can help shape programs and professionals without breaking them. Ms. Van Gemert is the Youth & Education Ambassador for [...]

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Is depression in gifted students suffocating creative genius?

Is depression in gifted students suffocating creative genius? Idealism and Depression in gifted students Funnyman Robin Williams brought laughter and joy to to audiences all over the world with his antics in roles such as Peter Pan, Aladdin, and Mrs. Doubtfire. Behind all the joy he he spread to others was a secret that eventually took him from this world. Depression took this creative genius from the world too early. We do not know if Robin Williams was gifted in terms of IQ, but he certainly was a genius at his craft. Millions of people around the world laughed and cried with his characters. Depression is no laughing matter. While there is no evidence that suicide rates are any higher in G/T students, depression in gifted students is a common occurrence. Research has shown that almost all gifted students will struggle with depression at some time during their school years. [...]

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Duck… Duck… Misdiagnosis

Duck… Duck… Misdiagnosis The Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnosis of the Gifted We have all heard the saying, “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.” This statement implies that things are usually exactly what they seem to be. Do you agree with that statement? We all know the story of the Ugly Duckling. The poor little duck was much maligned until his ducky brothers and sisters realized he was not a duck after all. He grew into a beautiful swan. We are often fooled by our pre-conceived ideas about what things look like or what they should be. This can be a frustrating experience for gifted students whose overexcitable tendencies or quirky behaviors often earn them labels that are inaccurate. ADHD, Aspergers, ODD, OCD, and Bipolar are serious diagnoses and must be addressed. But G/T students, whose [...]

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Great Teaching Starts with a Strong Foundation: Online Training for Gifted Teachers

Great Teaching Starts with a Strong Foundation: Online Training for Gifted Teachers “Start from the very beginning,” by offering gifted teachers the best training available! One of my favorite aunts passed away a few years ago. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss her and wish she was still around. As a first grade teacher of 30 years, she loved to talk about all the things that are right and wrong with education today. I picked up many life lessons from her: How to keep my seat in the seat That a word to the wise is sufficient How to ar-tic-u-late my words (she’d emphasis in staccato) But one of the things I will miss most are her show tunes. I was in the second grade when she taught me one of her favorites, Do-Re-Mi from Sound of Music. “Start from the very beginning; it’s the very best [...]

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Asynchrony in Teaching or Parenting A Gifted Child

Asynchrony in Teaching or Parenting A Gifted Child Social Emotional Dimensions of Giftedness and the Impact of Asynchrony “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” says the great and powerful Wizard of Oz as little Toto pulls back the curtain. But Dorothy doesn’t believe Oz when he confesses he is the wizard. He really was just a man. All the clues were there, and even when face to face with the reality, Dorothy did not want to believe it! While teaching or parenting a gifted student, we can sometimes find ourselves in Dorothy’s ruby red shoes. G/T students tend to struggle in certain social situations and develop at different times in different areas. However, as parents and teachers we often feel shocked when our G/T children “act their age.” Behind the curtain of their high IQ’s and academic achievement, G/T children are still just children. Teaching or parenting [...]

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