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Assessing GT Strategies – An Administrator’s Guide

$ 20.00

Presenter: Lisa Van Gemert, Gifted Guru
Core Area: Creativity and Instructional Strategies|Differentiated Curriculum
Grade Level: Elementary & Secondary
Hours: 1

How do you evaluate G/T strategies in the classroom when none of your instruments are designed for them? Discover user-friendly ways to get a clearer picture the next time you assess gifted strategies in the classroom.

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Product Description

Do you ever feel like you’re behind the 8-ball when you do a walk-through, or hold a traditional assessment instrument up against a gifted classroom? That doesn’t have to be the case when you have tools specific to assessing gifted classes. Lisa Van Gemert uses her experience evaluating G/T strategies in the classroom to offer a fresh look at assessments. 

In this 1-hour course, you will learn to:

  • Empower teachers to grow in their strengths
  • Discern the difference between good goals and ambiguous goals
  • Look past personal preferences to give effective assessments
  • Use language that fosters healthy relationships with teachers

This course is aligned with 2016 ODE Teacher Competencies a, b, c, e, f, g and NAGC Teacher Preparation Standards 2.2, 3.3, 3.4, 5.1.

Ms. Van Gemert is the Youth and Education Ambassador for American Mensa. She provides programming and support for the young members of American Mensa as well as the gifted youth, educators and parents of the general public. Van Gemert serves as liaison to the Gifted Youth Committee, the National Association of Gifted Children and other organizations. She earned a Master’s of Education in Teaching from the University of Texas at Arlington and1 has previously worked as a teacher and high school administrator. 

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