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2015 Course Review – Another Year of Outstanding Online Training for Gifted and Talented Teachers

2015 Course Review - Another Year of Outstanding Online Training for Gifted and Talented Teachers Happy Holidays from everyone here at GT Ignite! As 2015 draws to a close, I would like to spend some time reflecting on what I’ve accomplished this year. Resolutions are great, but they are only effective when I pause at the end of the year to measure how far I’ve come. Am I still going to the gym? Did I read all 30 books I resolved to read at the beginning of the year? Did I spend more quality time with my husband, and less time in front of the TV? Did my productivity at work increase? I can tell you that I like the answers to some of those questions more than others. No matter what the answers are, it’s exciting to see how far our GT Ignite team has come and how much we [...]

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AP Language for Gifted Students for Transition to College

Though AP classes are not GT specific, they serve many GT students and teachers due to the flexibility allowed by the College Board. We have a great deal of freedom to teach in any way we like as long as all the bases are being covere, including writing. Writing is one of the most essential skills to acquire for college bound students. It is especially important that they are able to write across content areas. Unfortunately, most students don’t get enough practice writing in other content areas. However, as teachers we know that students are most responsive when we focus on topics that they are passionate about. Ideally, your district aligns English I and English II with the AP Language course so that when students enter the class they already have a strong writing foundation to build on. You can read more about English I and II  with AP Language [...]

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Pre-AP English for Gifted Students (1 & 2) – Building the Thinker, Creating the Learner

Many times we’ll see PreAP English I and II and AP Language as individual, stand-alone classes.  But you can create a unique and cohesive program by aligning the English 1 and 2 GT classes with the AP Language class. We’ll discuss how to do that in a sec, but first let's consider why we would do this. You can create an environment where students are comfortable, feel safe, and are allowed to really focus in on their style of thinking, this facilitates the process tremendously. It frees you up to teach your students in a way that incorporates their passions and interests, increasing their performance in and out of the classroom.  So rather than considering the courses as stand-alone classes, English 1 and 2 are treated as a two-part pre-AP course that prepares them for AP Language. English I is redesigned to build critical thinking skills English II is restructured [...]

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