Slow Down and Ask the Right Questions: Building Depth and Complexity into Pre-AP and AP Classrooms

Slow Down and Ask the Right Questions: Building Depth and Complexity into Pre-AP and AP Classrooms I will never forget the first time I drove my parents’ car on the freeway as a teenager. The thrill of freedom was mixed with a terrifying sense that I was moving much faster than my experience merited. A massive, speeding ball of steel combined with a new teenage driver is a frightening prospect. Thankfully, despite a speeding ticket and a fender bender, my early driving experience passed without major incident. What was once new and terrifying is an everyday occurrence about which I do not give much thought. Driving on the freeway is, as the old saying goes, just like riding a bike. In complete contrast to a new driver experience, today’s learners are approaching information and media hard-wired for speed. This generation is the first to be known as digital natives. They [...]

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Identifying and Challenging the Hidden Gifted Underachiever

Hidden in Plain Sight: Identifying and Challenging the Hidden Gifted Underachiever Have you ever gone around the house searching in earnest for your keys, only to realize that they’ve been in your hand throughout the quest? Or maybe you’ve asked someone if they’ve seen your sunglasses, as their eyes dart up to the top of your head where, yes indeed, your sunglasses have been patiently waiting to reveal your age. Like those keys and sunglasses, sometimes gifted underachievers slip right past us unnoticed. In her 6-hour course, “Challenging the “Hidden” Gifted Underachiever,” Carolyn Coil, Ed.D., shines a light on a specific type of underachiever that is gifted enough to avoid being identified as gifted! Carlyn Coil is a former teacher, adjunct professor, and resource specialist. She is an internationally known speaker, author, trainer and consultant. Dr. Coil focuses on Response to Intervention (RtI) monitoring strategies, implementing differentiation in the classroom, [...]

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The Case for Creativity: Reversing the Decline of Creativity

The Case for Creativity: Reversing the Decline of Creativity What do a Disney animator, a traffic engineer, and a scientist all have in common with 21st century learners? Give up yet? Well, they all use creativity to solve problems and answer questions! While that may sound like a bad joke, the decline of creativity in students is no laughing matter. Recent studies have shown that creativity has been declining in students since 1990. This comes at a time when 21st century jobs require more creativity than ever, just like the three examples above. In fact, the Partnership for 21st Century Learning has identified creativity as one of the Four Cs for learning and innovation necessary for job readiness. The focus on assessment in the classroom, the lack of free time at home and in the school day, and an overemphasis on technology all contribute to suppressing our students’ natural creativity. [...]

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Make 2016 the Year of Purposeful Professional Development

Make 2016 the Year of Purposeful Professional Development “Purpose in Life Impedes Impulsivity.” That’s the headline of an article that made the round in gifted social media circles over the holidays. In the article, writer Tom Jacobs summarizes some newly published research, “which finds people possessing a sense of purpose are more likely to make choices that pay off in the long run, and less likely to get sidetracked by the need for short-term gratification.” As an educator, you are very familiar with the idea of impulsive behavior. No matter what grade level you teach, you most likely see impulsive behavior on a daily basis. Impulsivity explains why: Sam never stops talking Gloria is perpetually cutting in line Jennifer has to touch everything in sight George squirms so much that a leg fell off his chair Do you struggle with impulsiveness in your classroom? Children are non-stop case studies in [...]

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2015 Course Review – Another Year of Outstanding Online Training for Gifted and Talented Teachers

2015 Course Review - Another Year of Outstanding Online Training for Gifted and Talented Teachers Happy Holidays from everyone here at GT Ignite! As 2015 draws to a close, I would like to spend some time reflecting on what I’ve accomplished this year. Resolutions are great, but they are only effective when I pause at the end of the year to measure how far I’ve come. Am I still going to the gym? Did I read all 30 books I resolved to read at the beginning of the year? Did I spend more quality time with my husband, and less time in front of the TV? Did my productivity at work increase? I can tell you that I like the answers to some of those questions more than others. No matter what the answers are, it’s exciting to see how far our GT Ignite team has come and how much we [...]

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Online Gifted Training Brought to you by Leading Experts in the G/T Community

Online Gifted Training Brought to you by Leading Experts in the G/T Community We have worked hard to make your job easier! We have assembled a stellar team of G/T experts to bring world class training to your classrooms and teachers. Our program is designed to make training more accessible for educators while making set-up and implementation easier for district managers. Our G/T experts represent some of the top organizations, universities, and school districts throughout the United States. We hope you will take this chance to get to know them a little better and see how these G/T experts can enrich your classrooms. Joyce Juntune, Ph.D. Joyce Juntune, Ph.D., is a renowned consultant, trainer, professor, and lecturer with more than 45 years of experience in the field of education. She is an instructional associate professor at Texas A&M University, and she teaches graduate-level courses in her expert areas of intelligence, [...]

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G/T Resources: I Get by With a Little Help from My Gifted Friends

G/T Resources: I Get by With a Little Help from My Gifted Friends A Review of Six of Our Favorite G/T Resources Need answers for perplexing behavior from your gifted students? Want some fresh ideas to spice up your upcoming lesson plans? Then look no further! Here’s a breakdown of six of our favorite G/T resources that will get you fired up and ready to go. In no particular order: 1. Byrdseed What is it: Ian Byrd grew up gifted and has devoted his talents to helping people better engage gifted students. He’s both jack and master of many trades, including teaching across content areas, music, and computer science. Byrdseed is his blog/resource shop. He also runs Byrdseed.TV, which you can read more about below. Best part: Mr. Byrd knows what he’s talking about; 30,000 monthly viewers can’t be wrong. Byrdseed has quality content that, thanks to Mr. Byrd’s computer [...]

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Achieving the Balance Right: Secondary Courses of the Gifted

Achieving the Balance Right: Secondary Courses of the Gifted A Four Phase Framework for Secondary Gifted Courses Recently my young son was frustrated with us because he felt that he was ready for a privilege that we, his parents, knew that he was not yet mature enough to handle. He fumed and battled, and finally broke down into tears, which proved the point we were trying to make. Needless to say, he still has not earned this privilege. However, it got me thinking about how tough it is as parents and educators to give just the right level of challenge and responsibility to students. If we go too far in either direction, students end up frustrated. Left too long in that state, they often just give up. For gifted students, particularly in high school, this is a common occurrence. Many courses are designed to be “advanced,” but are they really [...]

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Uncovering Gifted Diverse Learners

Uncovering Gifted Diverse Learners Overcoming the Ability vs. Achievement Gap Poor Charlie Brown. Sometimes pessimistic, and occasionally optimistic despite the odds, Charlie Brown can never quite seem to get ahead in life. That is probably why so many children (and adults), over the years, have related to him so well. Every time Lucy takes the football away at the last minute or the baseball team loses again, we all inwardly groan with ol’ Charlie Brown. Failure is no fun. However, it is true that failure or difficulty is common to all of us, and the moments of true success and breakthroughs only come after a lot of hard work. Charlie Brown may experience many perceived failures, but his perennial popularity is the result of his resiliency. He just keeps forging ahead. How can we help diverse learners in G/T classes forge ahead and bridge the gap between ability (potential) and [...]

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Inside the Classroom, Outside the box

Autonomous Learning: Inside the Classroom, Outside the Box One of These Things is Not Like the Other If there’s one thing that popcorn shirts taught us, it is that one size does not fit all. If it did, there wouldn’t be child or queen-sized popcorn shirts. But I digress. A classroom full of gifted students is also bursting with a full range of personalities, strengths, and needs. The worthy task of facilitating their autonomous learning in our gifted classrooms demands that we are aware of their differences. In her 1-hour course, “Inside the Classroom, Outside the Box,” trainer Sheila Mulbry explores some of the ways gifted students differ, from both regular students and their gifted classmates. For the past 18 years, Sheila Mulbry has served as a TAG Resource Specialist for Round Rock ISD. She is a constant advocate for gifted students and their special needs, and has presented staff [...]

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